Cancer Research UK | The Chosen Charity

The aim of ‘The Wait’ is to raise money for this very special charity. So we thought we’d better tell you a little bit more about it.

Photo by Matt Wynn / CC BY NAME
Photo by Matt Wynn / CC BY NAME

Researching the Cure

Cancer Research UK supports the work of over 4000 scientists, doctors and nurses. Their work ranges from deep research into the biology of human cells (that frankly is beyond our humble understanding) to running clinical trials of new drugs. Every breakthrough adds something to the bank of knowledge they have, with the view to one of these geniuses one day having their ultimate ’Eureka!’ moment.

Quality of Life

The cure is, of course, the ultimate aim. But along the way, Cancer Research has discovered ways to prolong and improve the quality of life of those suffering with cancer. Survival rates have doubled in 40 years, and we think that’s pretty spiffing.


This charity receives no government funding, and so relies entirely on donations or projects like this one to keep it going.


We’ve had no marketing investment, so we’re relying entirely on social media to spread the word. We’ve seen countless times how the ripples of social media have spread the word across the whole world about important things (like cat videos and that Luis Suarez Nandos advert)… so please like this blog and/or our Facebook page, and please share and spread the word.

If you want to get involved in a more direct, creative way, please consider submitting some poetry to us to be used in the anthology.


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