Writers Wanted!


The post below was written last year when we were compiling ‘The Wait’ anthology – however, submissions have re-opened for the sort-of-sequel, ‘The Roar’!

Calling all poets!

We’re fundraising for Cancer Research UK by compiling a poetry anthology.

You won’t get paid for it, but you WILL get to see your name in print, and get the squishy satisfaction of contributing to a fairly kick-ass charity.

What to Write?

There are no restrictions to what you write, just send along up to four poems to thewaitpoetryanthology@hotmail.com or use the poetry submission form on the left hand menu.

If you’re the creative type who loves writing – which if you’re a blogger reading this, chances are you will be – then it’ll be easy fundraising!

Write Poetry for Cancer Research
Photo by Twylo / CC BY NAME

Not a Poet? Help Raise Awareness

There’s been no marketing investment in this project – we’re relying entirely on social media and blogging.

So PLEASE like and share this with anyone you think might be interested, even if you don’t want to contribute yourself, and check out our Facebook page too. Thank you!


16 thoughts on “Writers Wanted!

  1. Have only just seen this and see that the deadline was yesterday. Will there still be tie to submit something on Sunday? (Spending all of tomorrow singing at a charity concert …)

      1. Lovely — i’m trying to submit four poems, but doing it as a Comment on the submission form resulted in a long streel with no line breaks at all. So i’m trying the two email addresses i have for you.

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