Social Media Fundraising | Why We Need You to Share This Post

We’re fundraising for Cancer Research UK by compiling a charity anthology called ‘The Wait’. We’ve had no marketing investment, so we’re having to raise all the awareness organically using social media in order to collect poetry submissions and raise awareness.

You Are SO Powerful!

If every person who sees this liked and shared it with their friends, it would reach an astonishing amount of people. But not everybody believes that their shares matter, so we’ve compiled a list of social media success stories to demonstrate the power you have and the difference you can make.

Stephen Sutton

Stephen sadly passed away recently, but not before his fundraising adventures, which he chronicled and promoted using his blog and Facebook page, smashed his original target of £10,000. The current count is at just over £4.2m.

Viral Videos

Do we even have to give you specific examples?! Think baby pandas sneezing, think Rickrolling, think Harlem Shake!


Existing brands of all sizes have found success on social media platforms. Dove’s real beauty campaign aimed to boost the confidence of women worldwide. It also got their logo posted everywhere, for free. There are also plenty of smaller companies who have successfully used their social media to help grow their business into a larger empire – Innocent juices being a great example (and a favourite of ours…yummy)

Photo by HowardLake / CC BY NAME

Use Your Voice

Our point really is that if it’s possible to reach millions of people in the name of nice smelling armpits and cute baby pandas, could you help us reach just a few hundred with our creative, easy fundraising message? Pretty please?


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