Canadian Poetry for Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

In celebration of the land with the best syrup that gave us Bryan Adams and Keanu Reeves (god bless Canada) we thought it would be nice to share a poem by a little-known Canadian poet.

Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986)

Elizabeth lived between Ontario and London during her life. She fell in love with George Barker through his poetry when she found one of his books while browsing a bookstore, and flew him and his wife out to meet her in Canada. A love affair ensued, in which she bore him four children but they never married. Their love was intense and doomed – they both had drink problems and had violent fights. Elizabeth eventually retired from her intense, bohemian life and lived quietly in Suffolk.

Blake’s Sunflower 

Why did Blake say
‘Sunflower weary of time’?
Every time I see them
they seem to say
Now! with a crash
of cymbals!
Very pleased
and positive
and absolutely delighting
in their own round brightness.

Sorry, Blake!
Now I see what you mean.
Storms and frost have battered
their bright delight
and though they are still upright
nothing could say dejection
more than their weary
hanging heads.

Elizabeth Smart



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