The Wait Poetry Anthology – The Technical Bit

So far, there’s been some brilliant interest in our charity poetry anthology and we’re so grateful to everyone who’s contributing, sharing and helping us spread the word. We thought it was about time we clarified some of the details about the anthology, so you can trust that we know what we are doing!!


As we’ve said before, we’ve had no initial investment into the project – as such, the anthology will be self-published. We’re currently planning on using Lulu Publishing to do the deed for us.


We’ve bribed the services of a professional book designer to do the layout for us, so it’s going to look great. We’ve seen Lulu’s work before and it’s great quality, so we’re sure it’s going to look amazing once it’s all done.


We’ve set a submission deadline for the 1st of August, with a view to getting published late August / early September.

Get Involved

There’s still time to submit a poem or two! If you’re not up for sharing your masterpieces that’s fine – maybe you could still contribute by sharing our links, liking our Facebook and telling your friends. We need to keep the momentum going!



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