3 Reasons You Should Lend Us Your Poetry

We’re compiling a

1) Get Published 

So this isn’t the most prestigious project ever – but we have had submissions from all over the world (literally) and interest in the project is growing all the time. Contributing to a charity project is a lovely way to further your poetic ambitions and get a taste of how it feels to see your work in print and know it’s being read by a wider audience, while doing something wonderful. Which leads us to –

2) Beat Cancer

All proceeds of the project are going to Cancer Research UK, a charity that is working to further our understanding of the Big C with a view to one day beating it once and for all. This project is also a beautiful way to lend a tribute to anyone you know who has fought, or is fighting, cancer.

3) Celebrate People Power

As we’ve said before, with no investment in this project, we’re relying entirely on social media and the goodness in people’s hearts to make it happen – seeing the success this project is enjoying so far is, for us, an amazing testament to the power of the people!

So if you’re a creative writer then please consider contributing something to our cause, or if you don’t fancy sharing your work, share our links and like our Facebook page to follow our journey. If you need some inspiration, have a look at our advice blogs for some creative writing ideas!


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