One good thought: We’re going to kick cancer’s ass!

Good Thoughts Bank

The last few days haven’t been the best if truth be told, and one word links it all together. One stinking, miserable, good-for-nothing word. Cancer. How can one word bring up so much hatred, so much anger and pain, so much misery, so much lost hope? Yesterday I found out that the grandmother of one of my best friend’s has cancer. Yesterday was also the day that I found out a young lady, a just-married 31 year old woman, had passed away. Because of cancer. And not just because of a disease that no person should have to experience or have contact with. Her death wasn’t just unnecessary, it was entirely unavoidable, it hinged upon a diagnosis that was made six months too late. A diagnosis missed by her normal doctor and only picked up upon by another doctor when she finally decided to get a second opinion. What…

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