5 Easy Fundraising Activities To Beat Cancer This Summer

We’ve been taking a look at some of the easy fundraising ideas being advertised by various cancer charities this summer and picked out 5 that will suit different personalities, so there’s no excuse not to pick the one that’s right for you and get fundraising!

1) I Am The Creative Type!

Ready for a shameless plug?

We need as many writers as are willing to donate their poetry to us. The anthology being published, ‘The Wait’, is in aid of Cancer Research UK. Submit some poetry and get published! 

Photo by Matt Wynn / CC BY NAME
Photo by Matt Wynn / CC BY NAME

2) I Am The Hungry Type!

You’ve just missed the boat for the official Cancer Research UK BBQ weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own belated fundraising BBQ! Check out the page for details and ideas and get grilling.

3) I Am A Social Butterfly!

Are you the type who likes getting a crowd in, putting the kettle on, and having a natter? Consider hosting a coffee morning for Macmillan this September and contribute towards this wonderful cancer care charity.

4) I Am The Active Type!

There are a LOT of fundraising runs and races that you can get involved with, and there is bound to be one in your local area. Getting sponsored to take part in a race is a great way to raise money and get yourself fit at the same time! Macmillan is also running a whole host of active fundraising cycling and swimming events that you could look into.

5) I Am The Not-So-Active Type!

If you don’t fancy working up a full sweat, there are plenty of charity walks that you could also look into. Or – why not work up a sweat and take on one of the harder challenges above, if you dare?!

If you conduct a quick Google search, you will get literally hundreds of fundraising ideas. Consider doing something with your family or workmates to make a difference this summer!

And get in touch with us on thewaitpoetryanthology@hotmail.co.uk if you’re a poet with a desire to get published for a great cause!



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