7 Ways to Support This Cancer Charity Project


There are 7 whole days left in which you can submit your masterpieces to our charity poetry anthology. To mark this milestone, we’re bringing you 7 ways you can support this charity project from the comfort of your sofa/desk/bed/workplace (if nobody’s looking of course)

1) Submit a Poem

Obviously, submitting some poetry for us to include is a wonderful and crucial way to support us. Have a look at our poetry advice if you’re struggling.

Write Poetry for Cancer Research
Photo by Twylo / CC BY NAME

2) Tell A Friend

Know a poet? Tell them about our project. It’s a great chance for them to get published at absolutely no cost and contribute to a great cause at the same time.

3) Follow our Blog

More followers=more prestige. We will show up higher on search results, and therefore reach more people. Your follows really make a difference!

4) Retweet This!

Help us reach as many people as possible by retweeting our links on Twitter. Use hashtags like #cancer #fundraising #poetry #poetryfundraising and help us reach more people.

5) Follow Us on Facebook

Similarly to the other social media help we’re shamelessly begging you for, following our Facebook page and sharing our links has the same effect of raising our profile and helping us reach more people.

6) Buy a Copy

The Wait Artwork
The Wait Artwork

Here is some artwork of the finished product to show you what you’d be getting if you decided to invest in a copy of this great charity anthology. Isn’t it beautiful! That’s another reason to follow us on social media – as we go through the publishing process and once the product goes on sale, we’ll be telling you about it all online.

7) Donate to Cancer Research UK

The end aim of this project is not just to celebrate and share poetry, but ultimately to raise funds for cancer research. If our project has bought this charity to the forefront of your attention but you don’t think you can contribute in any other way, we’d appreciate you having a look at the Cancer Research UK website and considering offering a donation or running your own fundraising activities.

It’s really important that we reach as many people as possible. Please share our links and spread the word!


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