Creative Writing Opportunity – Less Than 1 Week Left!

We’re compiling a charity poetry anthology called ‘The Wait’ and we’re seeking poets of all ages, abilities and interests to contribute to our project. There is less than a week til the deadline – the first of August – so we’re trying to spread the word as far as possible, before it’s too late!

All types of poetry are absolutely welcome, and ALL proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK.

This is what it will look like. Ooh, shiny!
This is what it will look like. Ooh, shiny!


With no cost to yourselves, no catches, and absolutely no loss of rights to your own work (honest!) this is a wonderful opportunity to get your work in print while contributing to a great charity.

The book will be available through Lulu and Amazon in print, and through iTunes as an e-book. We’ll let you know all the details closer to the time.

This might be a self-funded project, but it’s growing into a pretty hefty anthology because of the support of the internet community so far – thank you thank you thank you!

What/How Do I Submit?

Any and all poetry is welcome. Please email your submissions through to or use our online submissions form. It’s really easy fundraising for creative types – and if you’re just getting started as a poet, consider having a look at our advice for poets blogs and picking up some creative writing tips.


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing Opportunity – Less Than 1 Week Left!

  1. Hi guys!
    Your blog is incredibly informative and very inspirational, which is why we think you would be interested in our up-coming charity app that donates %50 of all profits to the World Cancer Research Fund. If you visit our website you can opt in to receive our app on launch day too! It would be greatly appreciated if you gave us a look:

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