Last Chance to Submit Poetry!*

You have just a few hours left to submit your work to our charity poetry project.*

If you’ve got any pieces that you’ve been sitting on, now’s the time to show them to the world, and for a great cause – all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. 

So have a look at our submissions page and send us your masterpieces today – before the deadline passes!


*In these final stages, the small team at The Wait are going to be really busy (with our real jobs, for one thing!!) so last-minute queries are absolutely welcome but may not be answered straight away. DON’T PANIC – we’ll get round to you, and if the deadline passes, we’ll still get round to you!


2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Submit Poetry!*

    1. At least one poem from everyone we’ve had submit so far is going to be included. There have been NO bad submissions at all which is great – and we’re not just saying that!!!! We’ll be getting round to contacting everyone soon though, as we want to include a very short bio of everyone involved to show how diverse the involvement has been 🙂 and also if poets have submitted multiple poems they’ll probs want to know which one(s) are going in

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