4 MORE Easy Fundraising Ways to Beat Cancer This Summer

Following on from our earlier feature about fun and easy fundraising ideas for cancer, we’ve compiled another collection of the best and easiest ways that you can contribute to beating cancer.

1) Merchandise

Cancer Research UK Charity Shops are full of bargains, and as you never know what’s going to be in there, it’s a great shout for book and poetry lovers to discover new titles. The better read they look, the more you’re likely to enjoy them!!

If you’re more of a sofa-surfing kind of shopper, check out The Breast Cancer Site’s online shop for brand new, beautiful goodies from purses to jewellery to home goods. Irresistible little treats for yourself, or make lovely gifts.

2) #muteamate

If you’re  social media addict, or you know someone who is, then either you or they can take part in Mute A Mate. Challenge those annoying proud parents, selfie-addicts or fake-philosophers to mute their social media for just 7 days to raise money for cancer research – proceeds are collected through text, have a look at the muteamate site for more info.

3) Volunteer/Work For A Charity

Whether in a shop, office, or at an event, there’s always the need for people like you to give up a little bit of your free time to do something good. Or, to keep charities going, a certain amount of people need to be employed – so if you’re in the market for a new career, this could be the calling for you. You can search for volunteer or employment vacancies near you online through various sites, or pop into a local shop.

4) Charity Apps

A brilliant innovation, some apps are now donating part of their proceeds to fund charities. This one from Cancer Research UK is space themed, while this app from Weebly  donates money to cancer based on what they accrue from advertising costs.

We’re also eventually going to be selling our poetry collection online, with every penny of profit going to Cancer Research UK – so if you want to show your support, follow our blog, be our tweet buddy or make it official by liking us on Facebook. Thank you!


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