5 Great Smackdown Comebacks For When Some Idiot Says ‘Poetry Is Dead’

My friends, poetry is not dead. However, sometimes, when you’re confronted with someone claiming this, it’s real hard to reply – sometimes it just seems so OBVIOUS to you that they’re wrong that coherent sentences evade you. We’ve been there. It’s not cool when you’re a Literature-y type and you can’t make the words come out.

So, to prepare you for the next time, we’ve come up with some comebacks to store up in your mind tank, ready to whip out and defend your art.

1) ‘Google Don’t Lie, Mmmm-kay’

Searching ‘poetry’ comes up with around 71m hits. That’s more than ‘Twilight’. Enough said.

2) ‘Well, I Like It’

This is infuriatingly hard to argue with. And if they try, chuck in a Dumbledore quote* to throw them off: ‘I shall never truly be gone unless none here are loyal to me.’
*Yes, it’s the movie quote, but the book quote just didn’t quite fit!

3) ‘It’s Raising Money’

This blog was set up to reach poets and promote an upcoming charity collection of poems that will soon be for saleThe response has been greater than we could have ever have foreseen, and all your love and support goes to show that poetry can’t be dead!

4) ‘Think Of The Kids’

Kids will always love poems.Writing poetry for children comes with it’s own set of challenges, but the rhymes and rhythms capture their imagination and help them learn as well as being entertaining.

5) ‘It Helps Me Express Myself’

Whether you’re getting out your own feelings onto paper or come across a poem that absolutely describes the way you feel to a tee, poetry helps our expression and understanding of ourselves. Many times, we at The Wait have come across a piece of creative writing that expresses something we’ve been struggling to articulate, to ourselves or out loud, and found a piece of writing that does the job so well it incites a little excited swooping feeling in the chest. Describe this next time someone tells you poetry is dead and if they don’t know what you’re talking about then tell them to start reading poetry.

If you support poetry, please consider following us across some of our social media platforms – we need all the shares and publicity we can get to make our project work!


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