Hey, You! Yes, You – Help Us Make Some MORE Noise On Social Media?

We’re asking for everyone’s help – it will take less than a minute out of your day, we promise!

So far, our magic numbers are as stands:

This is bloody brilliant, and if you didn’t keep sharing our links, we’d have never reached these totals, so thank you. All the success of this project is down to you guys – that’s what social media is all about! The Wait Poetry

However, now we’ve got to raise even more interest in our project, because once The Wait is actually ready to release (we’ll let you know first – honest!) we need to get people interested enough to buy a copy of our poetry book!

Remember that all proceeds are going to Cancer Research UK, so with that in mind, help us out by sharing either this link or one of the suggestions below, either on your own social media, or maybe pass it along to a friend:

It won’t take long, and if you’re one of our poets, it will really help get your work seen – so please get sharing!


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