The Wait | A Very Quick Update

Hello everyone!

There’s been a very long silence from us over September – between us, we’ve been moving houses, finishing Masters degrees, getting jobs, and learning to cook paella (recommended, by the way. It’s better fresher!) Sean Bean The Wait

So, the blogs have taken a bit of a back seat, which is terrible timing considering that we’re needing as much publicity as possible! So we just want to give you a quick update, to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you and that we are still working on the project.

As you know the poems have been chosen, and now the editing is also all done too. Biographies compiled and blurbs written, the book is now in the process of being prettied up into an actual book – so we should have some solid news for you soon.

In the meantime, if you have any more projects or news about yourself, please comment on the blog or tweet us so we can plug your wonderful brain-children to all our followers!


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