5 Non-Essentials That Cost More Than This Charity Book

The Wait poetry anthology is finally on sale. Right now. For real.

If you have your copy, then thank you – and good for you! If not, have a look at this list and decide if you can really afford to sacrifice just one thing on it in order to contribute something to charity:

  1. A decent steak dinner. You’re looking at 15 quid plus, and it will offer you only fleeting satisfaction!The Wait Poetry
  2. Morning Starbucks. Do you know how hard it is to find a standard UK price list for Starbucks online? REALLY HARD. They don’t want you to know how much you’re spending. So just for one week, consider drinking instant and saving up some cash? (Or at least go to a little independent coffee shop. Those guys work really hard, and their coffee usually tastes better and doesn’t have that weird plastic-milk taste. And it’s cheaper.)
  3. Fancy toilet paper. Do you really need that stuff that has little patterns on it and smells like flowers? You’re literally wiping your bot-bot with it. Get the plain, cheap stuff and after a month you’ll have saved enough to buy this book.*
  4. Petrol/Parking. Get the bus to work a few times and save a little cash, as well as giving yourself some quality time to sit and read a book while on the commute. Oh, you need a book suggestion? How about some poetry?**
  5. Branded food. Conduct one weekly shop without picking up a single big brand name – forget Heinz, Cravendale, whatever you normally get – just get the shop-brand alternatives and discover how little you notice the difference. Then compare to your old shopping bills.

Okay, so these are kind of stupid – and obnoxious, and manipulative, we know we know!! – and we’re sorry for that, honest. But what we’re really trying to illustrate here is that The Wait is inexpensive in comparison to the other things you buy every day. So please have a look and see if you can afford to grab yourself a copy and do something great for a charity that relies on the support of people like us to fund their research.

The truth is that cancer sucks, and we want to squish it into oblivion, so please help us out by spreading the word about our project. Thank you!

*Please don’t cut out toilet paper altogether. You definitely still need it. 
**See what we did there…


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