30 Copies Sold On First Day? Sweet!

Extra extra, read all about it – the book of poems you wonderful poets or poetry enthusiasts bought or contributed to sold 30 copies on the first day. Copies have been ordered to be printed and shipped to poetry lovers in the UK, France, Australia and the US so far…we’re hoping to add a few more to the total before we’re through!

That really is a flying start, and we’re keeping all our fingers and toes crossed that we can continue with this success.

Please share the link on all your social media and blogs and help us spread the word – don’t forget that we’re trying to promote new poets, as well as fundraising for Cancer Research, so we need everyone’s support to make this project a success!


6 thoughts on “30 Copies Sold On First Day? Sweet!

  1. Reblogged this on Polly and commented:
    Delighted to see that ‘The Wait’ anthology is out – one of my poems in this publication – for the best of causes, cancer research.

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