Animation and Awkward Politics – It’s National Poetry Day!

The 2nd October marks National Poetry Day here in the UK, and what a day it has been. Let’s recap, and if we’ve missed off anything awesome, please let us know:

There was a real bottom-clenchingly-awkward moment when Tory minister Nick Hancock made a bit of a Twitter boo-boo. (To clarify for our global buddies who aren’t sure, the Tories are VERY broadly related to the Republicans in US politics.) In the spirit of the day, he posted a limerick that gently poked fun at the opposition, and began a dialogue with his followers in which they tweeted him their owb verses, which he retweeted – including one that proclaimed the opposition Labour party to be ‘full of queers’…do people never learn?!

He noticed his mistake and instantly apologised, owned up that he should have been more careful, etc etc. Fair enough. Except the rest of the political world actually EXPLODED with mock-outrage, with some calls for him to be SACKED…wowzers.

In other news, a poem by iconic Welsh poet Dylan has been made into an animated film by Aardman Animations, the geniuses behind Wallace and Gromit, and it’s wonderful – take a look.

The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Remember’, which seems especially poignant to us as all profits from our project go to Cancer Research UK to kick the butt of a disease that has affected many of our lives in some way. A main focus of National Poetry Day is to get more people interested in poetry and keep the art alive. So if you want to dip your toe into the world of real-life, everyday modern poets, check out our charity poetry anthology on sale now.


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