3 Homemade Xmas Decoration Ideas For Literature Fans

We love poetry, books, Christmas, and crafts, so is there anything better than finding a way to combine ALL of the above?! There’s plenty of time until the holiday season kicks into top gear so you’ve got time to grab your scissors, PVA glue and enthusiasm and get crafty.

1) The Book Christmas Treexmas tree books

It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?! You don’t even have to use your prized vintage tomes to create this, as the gently twinkling lights will give even your old dogeared Famous Five books a wonderful, quirky glow. Just in case you can’t figure out how it’s done there are a few sets of instructions out there but, apart from the manpower involved, this is quite an easy craft to do.

2) Use Old Books

As lovers of books (and who really aren’t convinced about Kindles) it hurts us a little to suggest this, but there are some truly beautiful ways of recycling old books to inject some fresh life into them and make beautiful decorations. Maybe you could use Twlight or 50 Shades or something.

For a poetic addition to your tree, you could make paper chains from strips cut from old pages, or roll pages into loose balls and dip in glitter for a rough-edged, snowball-meets-poetry effect. If you have children and/or patience you could create paper snowflakes, too.

We also came across this tutorial for making wreaths out of the pages of old books, and the results are seriously good looking!!

3) Christmas Baubles

Have a look on Ebay or in craft shops and you can find empty plastic baubles that you can fill to make fully personalised tree decorations. There are any number of ways you can represent your love of reading and writing using these. An easy way is to fill them up with tiny snowflakes cut from books, or hunt down a holepunch to make it easier. You could get a sharpie or glitter pen and write your favourite quotes, or even your own poems, on the outside of the balls. scrunch up a whole page, stuff it in and then use your fingers to work the page flat against the inside of the bauble, so you’re sort of papering it from the inside. If you found this blog, chances are you’re a creative person – we’re positive you can think of other ways!

product_thumbnailNow you’ve got the perfectly decorated home and tree, you need to make sure you’ve got the perfect literature-y Xmas presents too. May we suggest you take a look at The Wait Poetry Anthology? All proceeds from sales of this charity poetry collection go direct to Cancer Research UK, so please take a look and consider purchasing a copy as a gift or for yourself.


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