Awesome Xmas Gifts For Literature Lovers

We’ve scoured the internet to find our pick of the best poetry and literature themed gifts. We know it’s only the first of December, but Santa will be here before you know it. And isn’t it nice to be organised?!

And can can you spot the shameless plug?

1) The Muglike_totally_never_ever_mor_mug

A personalised mug is a great gift for anyone. They’re useful, comforting, and everyone likes them. They’re usually not TOO expensive, so they make a good gift for a buddy or stocking filler for a loved one. Worried that ‘just a mug’ might be unoriginal? Oh, you’ve clearly not spent enough time on Google. This absolutely ridiculous Poe-inspired mug will have any literature fan chuckling, or for those with more sophisticated tastes, a mug with Homer’s Iliad will be a serious conversation piece. Silliness can always be found with a Shakespeare mug. Find out what they like to read, and get searching for a mug – there are literally millions out there, the perfect one is within reach!

2) Poetic Jewellery

For the ladylike literature lover, have you tried Etsy for poetry-themed jewellery? Etsy’s sellers make unusual, usually handcrafted pieces that you’ll find it difficult to match in any high street store. What about an Alice In Wonderland quote necklace with a little teapot? Try some Emily Dickens if you need something more mature, or a Shakespeare ring for a bit of class. The search function is really good, so try browsing by author. Some sellers will even make personalised pieces, so if your loved ones tastes are more obscure, try that.

product_thumbnail3) ‘The Wait’ Poetry Anthology

Funny how this one ended up on the list! For the literature lover in your life, our collection of poetry from all over the world is so varied and vibrant that it can’t possibly fail. But we would say that. All profits go to Cancer Research UK, so you’ll get a double whammy of getting a great gift, and doing something awesome at the same time. Buy it online direct from the publisher and CRUK will get the biggest % of profit.

4) Bookends

Grab them some sweet or funky bookends and help the creative reader in your life get organised, the stylish way. While you’re there, check out the rest of the website. Oh my.

5) Framed Poem

There are plenty of places online where you can buy, or create, a personalised print of their favourite poem. On a budget? Get a second-hand frame from a charity shop and print or hand-write the poem yourself.

We hope this helps you kickstart your Christmas shopping. If you like the ideas, please share and follow our blog! Our fundraising project for Cancer Research UK had no marketing budget, so we’ve relied entirely on the shares and goodwill of you guys, so every share is important to us. Thank you 🙂


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